Top 18 Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Songs Legally

You can find almost everything in the world of internet for free like you can stream free movies, songs and videos for free of cost. Well, when it comes to entertainment, listening to music is the best thing you can do as the songs come with some memories. When it comes to listening to songs, you may say that streaming online is the best thing, as you can get access to all the songs in a single platform. But sometime you may run out of internet or no network coverage. So agree or not, you need to have your favorite music downloaded on your device. For download music offline on your device, you need to have a good website which will let you download music for free.

As there are lots of websites online to download free music, you might be confused which website to go for as there are lots of fake websites. So here in this article, we have come with a list of the best website to download free music. The websites that we are going to mention here comes with features loaded and it is absolutely legal. Yes, you will also find all the music from a different artist in a single platform, so no more jumping websites. So let’s have a brief look at the best websites to download free music on your mobile phone.

Summary of Some Best Sites to Download Free Music:


This is one of the best music downloading website where you can download your favorite music for free. The website is very classy and you can find lists of music from different artists. In the homepage of the website, you will find lists of categories that you would love to download the music from. So click on the genre of music you love to listen or download and search for your favorite music to download. Downloading procedure is easy, click on the download button and the song is going to get downloaded on your phone. If you want, you can also stream the song online instead of downloading. So you can review the music before downloading it and check if you really love it or not.

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If you are looking for an independent artist’s music then this is the best website you can go for. Here all the music are from an independent artist and indeed they are making amazing music. Like the SoundClick website, this also comes with lots of genre of music which you can select from. You can create a free account on the website and listen or download free music on your device and is totally legal. If you are also a singer or musician then you can also post your work on the website and share it with all the music lovers across the world. But the only thing is if you are Hindi music lover then you might not get a good collection of music on this website. The best part is that there is also a radio feature which you can use to listen to the radio.


Soundcloud is one of the popular online music streaming website. You will see most of the music lover are into this amazing website or app. Like the Jamendo website, you can also upload your own track and share it with your friends and to the world. The interesting fact is that SoundCloud is also one of the best alternatives to Spotify. So if you also like using Spotify, but is unable to use then you can simply use SoundCloud as it is the best alternatives. The interface of listening music is really great, as you can see the wave of the music and forward and backward the music. The search engine of the platform is really amazing you can search your favorite music by their brand name or by the name of the artist.


This website is none like the other websites mentioned in the lists. NoiseTrade also brings you the music from an individual artist and much more. There are lots of albums and individual songs in this website which are free and legal for you to download it on your device. The only thing is that to download any music or album you will need to sign in to the website and you will be able to download it as a zip file. Not only songs, but you will also get lots of amazing books to read on this website as there are different genre books available. If you are interested in Blogs, then you can also read blogs from the Noisetrade website for free.


The interface of the website is really light and amazing to use. Also, this is one of the best alternatives to the SoundCloud website in terms of features. There are a lot of music artist and music lovers on this website with whom you can interact with the comments and much more. Audiomack has categorized their huge database of music very well that you are able to reach your favorite music on the go. If you want to stream the latest release music then you can simply go to the trending section and get it downloaded on your phone. The only thing is that not every music is free from this platform, but you will find almost all the music are free and legal to download.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is one of the best free and legal music download and streaming websites. There are lots of playlists created by different music artist on this website. You can stream your favorite songs for free from the FMA website and download it if you have liked it. The best feature about this website is that you don’t even need to create an account to download favorite songs from Free Music Archive. Also, if you want you can create your own playlist and share it with your friends and contribute it to the website. There are lots of amazing new genres of music that you can listen and download on your device.

Internet Archive

If you are interested in listening radio, podcast and other things on your free time including music, then is the best option. The Internet Archive website brings you all the given features on your fingertips. There are more than 20 million audio files in the audio section of the website. The only cons of the website are that the audio files aren’t categorized well. So you might find difficulties in finding your favorite music. But searching all those popular categories like creator, language, most viewed you can find the result you are searching for.


The songs in this website are totally legal, and marked as Creative Commons which means you can use the music. So if you are a creator then you can also use the music on your creations. There are a huge number of categories of music like techno, ambient etc. on this website. Not only music, but you can also view the video collections of the website, from the video tab. The only issue you will find on this website is the lack of a search bar. So you are not able to search the name of the music you are looking for directly. But it is easy, as you can search it with genre, label, artist etc. Overall speaking, the interface of the website is simple and very light to work with. The best part is that the website is very much popular among all the YouTube creators.

Amazon Music

You might have known about Amazon about shopping products from worldwide. But have you ever known that you can even download free music from Amazon website or app? Like the other music download website, Amazon also comes with lots of music genre like gospel, kids, blues, folk and much more. The best thing about this website is that you can play the song before downloading. And for downloading the music you will need to click on the FREE button, just like you are purchasing the song. The interface of the website looks really amazing with all these amazing effects. So if you are looking for legal music downloading website then Amazon is also one of the best choices.


This website is very popular among all the music creators. Here you will be able to discover lots of amazing bands and individual artist from a different part of the world. So you can enjoy all types of music on this website from across the world. Like the other websites mentioned here, you can download the music for free and also listen before downloading it. Well, here in this website there is a feature “Name your price”. Here you will have to price the song before downloading it, so if you want to download for free simply enter “O” in the box. There is also a category of “Gift Card” which you can use to send gifts to your music lover friends from the website itself.

In terms of interface, this website comes with one of the best interfaces among all. You will get all the features of the website handy, so there is nothing like where you need to enter in categories. If you want to attend live events, then you can also get information about the event and even get tickets. On the homepage of the website, you will find the list of popular music which you can download for free on your device. Yes, you are unable to download all the music from this website for free, some are premium music. But the good news is that you can still stream it for free online on the website. Not only music, but you will also get see some post on this website posted by popular celebs.


If you love to hear rap or hip-hop songs then this is the best website you can have bookmarked on your browser. There are also mixtapes if you love to hear some mixtapes on your free time. Well, the mixtapes in this website are not only from the fan of the artist but also from the artists themselves. So download your favorite music on your device for free legally. There is also an option called “Upcoming” where you will know about the upcoming hip-hop music on this website. If you want to purchase any gear then, you can also get in the Gear section of this website. You will get all the T-shirts, hoodies and much more in the gear section of the website.


The BeSonic is a music promotion network where you can also listen and download your favorite music. Just create a free account on the website and you will get a full access to thousands of music from the website. Here you can also download the videos of the music that you have liked. You can easily search your favorite music on this website by searching the categories like latest released,  most searched and much more. The best features are that you can select the mood radio and find the related music to your mood. So that you get all the results according to your mood on the website. The interface of the website is not that simple, but it is really amazing to use.

YouTube Music

You must have known about YouTube as it is one of the best video browsing site. But you can also download or listen to your favorite music from this platform. Well, there are some cons like while online streaming you can’t minimize the app on your phone. With cons there are also pros like you will get access to all kinds of music. You will be able to listen and download every kind of music from across the world. Coming to the downloading part, well you will be able to download your favorite audio but within the app or website. So if you want to listen to the music downloaded from YouTube, then you have to do from the app itself. Other than this, it is one of the best websites where you can find a wide variety of music across the world.


Napster happens to be one of the oldest music streaming and download website or app. Well, the website is no more free which means you need to pay a monthly subscription to download. But if you want you can simply stream the music online without paying any penny to the platform. But there are lots of annoying ads in the free version. So if you are looking for ad-free streaming then you need to go for the paid version. This website is also the same as YouTube when it comes to downloading features. Here also if you download and music, you will need to listen to it from the app itself. Yes, you will be able to listen to it offline, but you can download it on your device memory.


This website has somewhat the same features as the Audiomack and the SoundTrack website. There are lots of similar features like there is an online radio which you can tune in for free. The songs here are not only legal and free but also it is copyright, so you can again reuse the music in your creation. So if you are video creator or public figure then this is one of the best websites for you, as it allows you to use music for free. Well, the website is not free. But if you have a free account on this website then you are allowed to download 5 music file for free every day. So if you want to download songs for free then you will need to have a free account. Coming to the quality of the music, you will always download in standard quality.


The design and interface of this website are very simple, you can easily surf your favorite music on the website. There is also the list of categories in the sidebar of the website which you can use to search your favorite music online. The graphics of this website is very much similar to the SoundCloud website. The best part is that you can even like the song if you have liked it by clicking on the heart icon. Another amazing feature of this website which you can enjoy is that you can even sort by “instrumental”. In the Instrument feature, you will get the all the instrumental music published in the website. So you can download it and use it on your work without any error.


If you are looking for royalty free music then Audio Jungle is the best website to go for. Here you will not get free music to download on your device, but all the music are royalty free. So you will be able to reuse the music on your work or creation to make it interesting. So here you will get all instrumental tracks other than songs. If you are more into songs than musical track then this website is not for you. This website also has lots of amazing categories and genre that you can explore while searching your favorite track. Overall the interface and the design of the website is excellent and amazing to use.


These are all the list of free and legal music downloading website which you can use to download your favorite music. The websites mentioned here are different with different features. So not it is up to you which you choose according to your needs. All of the websites are best according to their features. Here we have also mentioned some premium websites, as not all the legal music downloading websites are free. But even on the premium website, you are allowed to stream your favorite music online for free with fewer ads. Share your thoughts regarding the music downloading websites with us below in the comment section.

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